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Press release 10

The Dutch Identity? Moniek Toebosch, Alicia Framis, Gabriel Lester, Jennifer Tee et al

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31 October 2010 - 3 April 2011

28 Sept 2010-

Sunday 31 October 2010 sees the opening of the second exhibition within the project The Dutch Identity? featuring installations and videoworks by Moniek Toebosch (Breda, the Netherlands, 1948), Alicia Framis (Barcelona, Spain, 1967), Gabriel Lester (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1972) and Jennifer Tee (Arnhem, the Netherlands, 1973).

Through 2012, Museum De Paviljoens programmes under the general title The Dutch Identity? Each selection within The Dutch Identity? offers a specific perspective on contemporary Dutch art and the social, cultural and geographical setting in which this art has its origins.

Game with disciplines, cultures and identities
Since the Sixties, Moniek Toebosch developed interdisciplinary projects for public space, museums, theatres and a series of tv-programmes. As a teacher at the Rijksacademie van Beeldende Kunst in Amsterdam and as the director of DasArts, Toebosch influenced a younger generation of artists. At Museum De Paviljoens she gives a new perspective on her oeuvre. Alicia Framis includes strategies of fashion, architecture and design in her interdisciplinary installations and performances. She suggests alternative ways of living with which she inquires the status quo. Gabriel Lester, being an artist, alternately poses himself as a director, scriptwriter, performer and set designer. Jennifer Tee creates video’s, performative installations and performances in which she mingles (fictional) myths, narratives, histories and cultural traditions.

All four artists show both existing and new work and / or work that hasn’t been shown in The Netherlands before.

The Dutch Identity?
With The Dutch Identity? Museum De Paviljoens aims to show parallel histories in Dutch art since 1960. The project’s title was derived from the art history publication The Dutch Identity and Art since 1945 (Geurt Imanse), which appeared in 1984 at the exhibition of the same title at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

The Dutch Identity? Moniek Toebosch, Alicia Framis, Gabriel Lester, Jennifer Tee et al31 October 2010 – 3 April 2011

Opening 31 October 2010, 15.00 hrs.
Introduction by Paul Rubens / Toebosch
Als zodanig niet herkenbaar, is dat duidelijk? (1979)

The Dutch Identity? Marien Schouten, Job Koelewijn, David Jablonowski et al
27 May - 17 October 2010