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Niels Schrader

It's an Ongoing Process: Designers for De Paviljoens 2001-2012

Niels Schrader designed the artist publication M.T.P.R. MMX (2010) for artist Moniek Toebosch. Museum De Paviljoens published this publication during the exhibition The Dutch Identity? Moniek Toebosch, Alicia Framis, Gabriel Lester, Jennifer Tee et al in 2010. Schrader and the museum have collaborated on several occasions, amongst which the exhibition De stedelijke conditie / The Urban Condition in 2006.

In a city, sounds can be heard always and everywhere. They are of great influence on our experience of the urban environment. Still, only few people consciously hear these sounds; mostly it is audible as a background noise. Graphic designer Niels Schraders wants to break through this mechanism, and he wants to focus attention to the sounds of the city with his work Urban Hymns (2006).

This project was part of the exhibition De stedelijke conditie / The Urban Condition (2006), during which Niels Schrader worked together with musician Tanja Keilen. They recorded sounds at seven spots in and about the city centre by Rem Koolhaas / OMA: amongst others at the Central Station, the city square, a parking garage, the pier at the Weerwater (lake), and in the Popzaal (music hall). The sounds vary from the whistle of the train conductor to the echo of footsteps on the street, the squealing of gulls, or the vibrating noise of a pillar driver. The sounds were filtered and with the help of a computer program turned into abstract black and white images, that afterwards were printed onto posters. The posters were hung at the places in the city where the sounds were recorded. They reflected on and visualized the environment. Every poster has a graphic horizon, which refers to the polder landscape of Almere. Sounds
also refer to the transformation and movement that the city has gone through.

Niels Schrader works and lives in Amsterdam. He studied graphic design at the University for Applied Arts in Dusseldorf and the Second Phase course at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. The past years he worked at several autonomous projects. Furthermore, Schrader design websites, posters, and publications for cultural commissioners. He sees himself as a ‘translator’ and turns existing things into other (image)languages. His most valuable source for inspiration is a collaboration which broadens his horizon.

Mireille de Putter

Niels Schrader, 1977, Caracas, Venezuela

M.T.P.R.MMX (2010), artist publication of Moniek Toebosch

A photo of the artwork Urban Hymns #7 at the Weerwater in the city centre of Almere has been included in the photo wall at the top floor of pavilion 5.

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