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Designer 10


It's an Ongoing Process: Designers for De Paviljoens 2001-2012

Designers collective LUST took care of designing the exhibition At Random? Netwerken en kruisbestuivingen. They created the invitations, advertisements, texts, titles in the exhibition, the catalogue, scavengers hunt, and education materials. They invented the system that visitors could print the catalogue themselves at the start of the exhibition. Every catalogue therefore was unique: every sheet of paper was just a little different from the rest because of the special Iris print, but also the contents of every catalogue differed. From a database that was updated weekly, information and photos were randomly picked each time a catalogue was being printed. This information was added onto the basic information about the exhibition.

Today, assignments by commissioners to designers are not always as unequivocal as they used to be. During the design process, form and content are no longer strictly separated areas, and there is a continuous combination between commissioner, designer, and user. Because of these reasons, LUST developed a new design method across the years, which is called process based design, or self generated system. In this method, a design is created thanks to an analytical process which is based on extensive research. This analytical process eventually leads to something that designs itself. LUST works with different media, amongst others graphic design, interactive installations, exhibitions, and architectural graphics. The designs by LUST are heavily influenced by the possibilities of interactivity.

Mireille de Putter / LUST

The multi disciplinary graphic designstudio LUST was established in The Hague in 1996 by Jeroen Barendse, Thomas Castro, and Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen. The bureau works with different media, amongst others traditional print work, publications, new media, and interactive installations. Since 2010 LUSTlab exists with which LUST conducts research on the contemporary digital media and forms a platform for advise about the usage of digital media. They work for several commissioners, amongst which PostNL, MoMA New York, Brabant 2018, and the Dutch Design Week. More information about LUST can be found at

Design print work and installation for At Random? Netwerken en kruisbestuivingen (2007)

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