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Museum De Paviljoens

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Contemporary Art in new town Almere

Museum De Paviljoens shows contemporary art in new town Almere (the Netherlands). With exiting shows, stimulating lectures, unique festivals, the award winning day excursion to Land Art and interactive artist projects in- an outside of the walls of the museum, Museum De Pavijoens attracts the public of Almere and the rest of the Netherlands to contemporary Art. Children discover the world of the museum and contemporary art during the course Art for Kids and the Scavenger hunts.

Museum De Paviljoens manages De Collectie Almere (The Almere Collection) consisting of artworks in- and outside of the museum walls. Museum De Paviljoens endeavours to keep De Collectie Almere in storage as little as possible. The works are on view during exhibitions, in workrooms of Museum De Paviljoens or in the city hall of Almere that was designed by architect Cees Dam. This ensures that the widest audience possible is brought into contact with art.

The exhibitions of Museum De Paviljoens, as well as the rest of the programming, are based on international developments in contemporary art since the sixties in relation to social urban developments and especially new town Almere with the surrounding polder Flevoland.

Museum De Paviljoens won the AICA Award in 2005 for 'Best Museum'.

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  • Never underestimate the importance of good friends. They can inspire, confront or surprise one another. Together there is much to achieve.

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    Route description

    To Museum De Paviljoens

    There are a few possibilities to travel to Museum De Paviljoens. The museum recommends traveling by train, because the museum is…

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  • Annual reports of Museum De Paviljoens are only available in Dutch.