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'Especially thanks to the inspirational explanation from the museum teachers, this was an exceptional experience'. Teacher primary school De Flierefluiter in Almere.

For every exhibition Museum De Paviljoens develops an educational program for primary schools and highschools. The educational materials are also inspirable and usable afterwards. They can be downloaded as a pdf-file. Thematical programs are also available about, for example, art in public space or the filosophical question what is art?.

  • Contemporary art challenges you to look at the world differently. In Museum De Paviljoens, students can look around, talk, laugh,…

  • Activity 12 7

    Art for Kids

    Exiting activities in Museum De Paviljoens

    Museum De Paviljoens provides several exiting activities with the overall program Art for Kids like scavenger hunts , vacation…

  • Throughout the year, students and teacher can work with the thematic study packets. These educational programs consist of lessons in…

  • Education 14 2
  • Activity / Information 12 2

    Guided Tours

    Every first Sunday of the month

    During a guided tour you will hear the story behind the art and the vision of the artist and the exhibition maker. There is plenty…

  • Activiteit 12

    Ongoing Series

    Interdisciplinaire lezingen met internationale sprekers

    Ongoing Series is een reeks interdisciplinaire en eigenzinnige lezingen die Museum De Paviljoens sinds 2002 organiseert. Elke…